Heat arresting development. Treed

That is a positve way to save the world…..save the trees……

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Not good to leave old ones out in the sun. (UPDATE at end of post – Tues.)

Dehydration. Just get parched.

Now they have to be tough to live over 100 years, but still.

They get very confused.

Baffled. Jerked outa place, then left sittin’

Is this a hostage situation?

Puzzlin’ over the possible ransom note.

Is there anyone left to care?

And where would such a demand be sent?

The Ghirardi family has been gone a long time.

And what’s this a-wrappin around down here? Odd.

Wearing a wooden shoe and not even Dutch.

A clunky thing – fits like a snug boot.

Maybe it’s one of those parking boots for cars? From being parked in one place too long?

Oh dear. What was the time limit for that spot?

Seems like an eternity went past sittin’ there.

But now, here, is just a puzzlement.

Like forgotten.


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